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Blemished Olympus Handle OFFSET Thumb, Sliding Glass Door - Satin Nickel

Part Number: 14291-BLEM Price: $87.75
NOTE: This item has a slight blemish on the faceplate caused by the thumb-turn and is priced accordingly.

Olympus handle set is all Diecast, 3-15/16 inch SCREW HOLE PATTERN FOR WOOD, VINYL and metal doors.
Handle Set may be used with Single, Double or Multi-Point Locks.
This set is compatible with 3 or 4 hole pattern hole fabrication, for 1-3/4 inch thick Doors .
(Optional Screws for 1-1/4 to 2-1/4 inch stile thickness available)

Thumb Turn Position: OFF Centered on Plate (some are centered)
Escutcheon Plate Height: 10 Inch
Escutcheon Plate Width: 1-5/16 Inch
Escutcheon Plate Screw Hole: 3-15/16 Inch Center
Handing: Non-Handed, Fits left or right hand doors
Latch Style: Hook Style
Handle Type: Internal Mortise Lock Style

Door Thickness:
Standard 1-3/4 inch - Optional 1-1/4 - 2-1/4 Inch available
Function: Active Non-Keyed
Material: Zinc Diecast

Satin Nickel

1 Inside Plate, 1 Inside Handle, 1 Outside Plate, 1 Outside Handle and Installation Screws.

Centered Thumb Turn, Non-Handed Non-Keyed Active Olympus Handle Set for Sliding Patio Doors
The Olympus Handle Set consists of non-handed two piece construction which can be mixed and matched by color, keyed, non-keyed and dummy versions.

Special Note:
These Peachtree Handle Sets are shipped in clear blister pack which can put minor rub marks on the surface. Some shipping carriers do not handle packages with care. Minor scratches or blemishes that occur in shipping are not defects.

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