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Blemished - V200 Left Hand All In One Adjustable Hinge, New Style - Oil Rubbed Bronze

Part Number: 363717-ORB-BLEM Price: $39.95
NOTE: This item has scratches from previous installations and has been priced accordingly.
NOTE: Sold as is. No returns, refunds or exchanges
NOTE: Color is Oil Rubbed Bronze as shown in first image.
New Style V200 Left Hand All In One Adjustable Hinge - Oil Rub Bronze (DARKER FINISHED OIL RUBBED BRONZE)
Used by Marvin, Caradco (Jeld-Wen) and others

The old style was redesigned to give more clearance on out swing applications.
The new style fits the same prep as the old style, but you can NOT mix and match the two styles.

Door Type: In swing or out swing doors
Door Handed: Yes - Left or Right hand as shown
Hinge Size: 4-1/4" x 4"
Hinge Material: Solid Brass Leaf
Finish: Oil Rub Bronze with Copper highlights

This hinge will adjust both horizontally and vertically. (all in one design)
A Solid Brass extruded jamb wing allows for higher hinge carry capacity.
Hex head adjustment screws, not Phillips or slotted to provide secure tool engagement and prevent stripping during adjustment.
Stainless steel adjustment screws provide superior corrosion resistance.
An integrated hinge pin to provide security for out swing and in swing doors, and will not lift up during normal door operation.

Horizontally adjusts 1/16” further than most hinges on the market.
Hinge system adjusts 1/4” vertically and horizontally.
Extremely low adjustment force by vertically adjusting the door from below, not laterally like other hinge designs.
Provides an easy-to-see indicator line for accurate vertical adjustment.
A “maintenance and noise-free” operation, even after a million cycles, by incorporating an internal polymer bushing to eliminate any metal to metal contact
Exceeds BHMA-Grade 3 standards for wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel doors

Adjustment notes:
The V200 has both vertical and horizontal adjustment on EACH hinge. The vertical adjust on each hinge is found inside the bottom barrel. The horizontal adjust is found on the face of the door leaf.

The best way to adjust the hinges are to set the middle hinge vertical adjustment first to align the door reveal then “snug up” the other two hinges vertical adjustment screws so all three hinges are taking some portion of the door weight. This is one BIG advantage of this hinge design over a lot of other adjustable hinges. Once this is done the horizontal adjustment can be performed on the upper and lower hinge to finish the door alignment.

Priced and sold each.