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1-3/4 thick door, Keyed Patio Door Handle, Retro - Black & Chrome

Part Number: 14373 Price: $35.00
1970's Retro Sliding Glass Keyed Patio Door Handle for 1-3/4 inch thick wood door - Black
Will fit Aluminum or vinyl doors, with other thickness, if screws are changed and tailpiece is cut to length.

Style: Retro
Color: Black & Silver
Latch Position: Adjustable, 3 places
Screw Holes: 3-15/16"
Color: Black & Chrome
Keyed: Yes; Weiser 5 pin cylinder,2 keys
Door Thickness: 1-3/4"
Screw: 8-32 x 2-1/2" Length, oval head
Cylinder Tail Piece: Flat, extends beyond cylinder, cut to length as needed for door thickness
For 1-3/4" thick door the keyed cylinder tail piece should be about 11/16" in length.

Includes: Inside and outside pull with keyed cylinder
Patented: 1973
US Patent: 3596954
Canada Patent: 919213