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16mm KML Tripact 50/92 - G-U / Ferco 3 Point Door Lock, Tongue version - Grey

Part Number: G-20937-18-0-GRY Price: $226.40
Please contact our office for a replacement lock. - Several Options

This lock has been discontinued.
The Complete lock is not available and the replacement is not a direct match.

Please review information below to be sure this is the lock you need.

G-U / Ferco Special Size Multipoint lock used by KML - OLD STYLE G-U Tripact
Europa Series with Key below handle
Faceplate Width: 5/8 inch (16mm)
Backset: 2 inch (50mm)
Overall Length: 66.93 inches (1700mm) with Radius Ends
Color: Painted, Silver Grey

KML Top Tongue Position: Tongue: 31.89 inches (810 mm)
KML Bottom Tongue Position: Tongue: 25.6 inches (650 mm)

OLD STYLE is discontinued and is not an exact match with NEW style Tripact locks with Tongues.
The Latch and Deadbolt are in different positions and The locking flippers (tongues) are not in the same locations

NEW STYLE:  (See # 49903017-KIT)
Overall Length: 67-1/8 inch ( 1705mm)
Upper Tongue @ 23.18 inch (589mm)  23-3/16
Lower Tongue @ 23.87 inch (607mm)   23-7/8