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SOLD OUT  - Replace with Hoppe Adjustable Hinge

Old style Columbus 2D adjustable set hinge. 

Most often found on doors with Fuhr Multipoint lock hardware.
Used by Pozzi, Caradco, Hurd, Jeldwen and others.

Four hinge doors have an additional guide hinge.
Hinge will work on outswing doors, but does not have NRP set screw.
Standard 3 hinge door would have 2 guide hinges, top and bottom and 1 set hinge in center.

Was available in gold, silver and brown powder coated finish.

Jamb Screws - #9 x 3/4 Phillips/flathead;
Panel Screws - #8 x 1-1/2 Phillips/flathead.
Screws are not included.

Note: The guide hinge (H) is installed at the top and bottom to provide horizontal adjustment. They are used with the set hinge (V) which is installed at the center of the door.

Replace with the current style. See HOPPE hinges.

Priced and sold each.