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Andersen 1955-1959 Roto-Lock Operator - Discontinued

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This item is discontinued.

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0333808 - Andersen Awning Window Operator, Flexivent, Beauty-line, 12-3/8 inches, Short Arm
0333908 - Andersen Awning Window Operator, Flexivent, Beauty-line, 15 inch, Long Arm

Andersen 1955-1959 Roto-Lock Operator.
Andersen Roto-Lock operators were used on Flexivent and Beauty-Line awning windows.
Service Dates: Manufactured from 1955-1959

The Original Roto-lock operator:
1. Had the hex spline attached to the crank handle and plugged into the operator.
2. Removable Shoes that snapped over the stud on end of arm.
3. Had an aluminum rolled formed channel that was attached to the sash, that the shoes traveled in.

The Replacement Roto-lock operator:
1. Handle attaches to spline on operator.
2. Shoes attach to a round bar that is attached to stud posts on operator arm.
3. Has 2 rods that that screw to sash at both ends with a center clip.