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Arcadia Patio Door Roller: 1-11/16 Nylon Wheel, 1-5/8 Tall Ho

Part Number: 13110 Price: $17.60

Arcadia Patio Sliding Door.
1-11/16 NYLON Wheel, 1-5/8 Tall Housing, 
Minimum Collapsed Height 2 inches.
Arcadia had several rollers that look very similar.
Please compare measurements of Housing and Wheels.

Sold Each, Priced Each

Diameter: 1-11/16-inch
Housing Tab Style: Plain Back
Housing Width: 3/4-inch
Material: Nylon
Roller Diameter: 1-11/16-inch
Roller Edge Type: Concave
Roller Material: Nylon
Roller Width: 7/16-inch
Type: Concave
Width: 3/4-inch

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<p>Arcadia Patio Sliding Door.<br>1-11/16 NYLON Wheel, 1-5/8 Tall Housing,&nbsp;<br>Minimum Collapsed Height 2 inches.<br>Arcadia had several rollers that look very similar.<br>Please compare measurements of Housing and Wheels.<br><br>Sold Each, Priced Each<br><br>Diameter: 1-11/16-inch<br>Housing Tab Style: Plain Back<br>Housing Width: 3/4-inch<br>Material: Nylon<br>Roller Diameter: 1-11/16-inch<br>Roller Edge Type: Concave<br>Roller Material: Nylon<br>Roller Width: 7/16-inch<br>Type: Concave<br>Width: 3/4-inch<br><br>Related items:<br>1-15/16 Tall Housing<br><a href="">13033</a> - 1-13/16 Steel Wheel<br><a href="">13091</a> - 1-11/16 Nylon Wheel&nbsp;<br><br>1-5/8 Short Housing<br><a href="">13113</a> - 1-13/16 Steel Wheel</p>