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Discontinued Operator,1995-98 Enhanced Series 2 - SEE NOTES

Part Number: 1361933 Price: $0.00
Andersen Corrosion resistant 1995-1998 Enhanced split arm casement window operators - Discontinued
Replace with 1361481 Current Style

Enhanced Series Service Dates: 1995-1998
Enhanced series Base Thickness:  1/2 thick
Non-Handed, can be used for left or right windows.
Corrosion resistant split arm.

This is the original style and can be replace with the current style operator  with different screw mounting holes.
Operator covers are available in a wide selection of styles and finishes, sold separately.

The E-Z and Enhanced Operators look similar, They have may have different screw hole patterns and base thickness.
The Enhanced series had a 1/2" thick base, while the E-Z base was only 1/4" thick.

Related Andersen Hardware:Current style 1999-Present
1361481- Corrosion Resistant E-Z Casement operator, replaces all previous versions 1995-Present
1361484- Standard  E-Z Casement operator, replaces all previous versions 1995-Present
9050723- Adapter to convert Present operator to work for 1995-1998 Enhanced operators.

3rd Generation operators had an adaptor plate that was necessary for installation, part number 9050723.
The new style 1361481 or 1361484 are used for both E-Z and Enhanced, but the 1995-1998 Enhanced series requires an adaptor, which will snap onto the thin base to make it thicker with no modifications required.