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GLW Patio Door Handle, Disc. Old Style - Solid Brass

Part Number: 14996 Price: $0.00
Discontinued - Possible replacement option, # 14581

This handle set was Discontinued in 2006.
Place or Origin: Italy
Fits: GLW Premier 1-7/8 inch thick vinyl patio sliding door with 3-point lock.
The Handle screw hole spacing from top to bottom is 8-3/4 inches.
The 3 different screw hole patterns
14994 - Original Gold Painted Handle 6-1/4"
14995 - Old Style Plated Brass 9-1/8"
14996 - solid brass handle 8-3/4"
This door used a 2-3/4 inch (70mm) Italian Euro / Profile cylinder.
Limited parts available.
NOTE 1: We have NOT found a good substitute for this Handleset
NOTE 2: We have Multipoint locks, Cylinders and other parts for this door