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Multipoint Lock Worksheet

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Old Style 3-point GU Tongue Latch Multipoint Lock
Used on KML / Andersen Doors.
This Multipoint lock has been discontinued - it is replaced with a 3-point Tongue Latch Multi-point Lock Kit.
Key Below handle, Tongue Version Multi-point lock

These Measurements are for the Discontinued lock:
Overall Length: 67-1/8 inch, with radius ends.
Handle Height: 30 inches, from bottom of radius faceplate.
Handle to top of face plate: 37-1/8 inch
Bottom Tongue: 25-5/8 inches
Top Tongue: 31-1/2 inches.
Backset: 2 inches (50mm)
Handle PZ Spacing: 3-5/8 ( 92mm) center of cylinder to center of handle
Key Cylinder Hole: Flat Tail piece, standard 5 pin American
Uses standard American version 5 pin cylinder with Flat Tail Piece. 
Top of Spring latch to bottom of Deadbolt is 4-1/2 inches.

Replace with Multipoint Lock - Several Options
Call Office for details
Modification may be required.
Please see Article for Comparison and Installation details. (PENDING)

How to Change Handing of GU Multipoint Lock (Change Direction of Slope of Spring Latch)