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Handle Set, 3-15/16 H.C., - Aluminum

Part Number: 14036 Price: $30.41
Patio Sliding glass door handleset with 3-15/16 inch Screw Hole Centers
FITS Wells Metal / Aluminum Sliding 1 inch thick Doors,
WOOD HANDLE For 1 to 1/4 inch thick door rails.
Outside Handle - "S" Curve - will work with 15033
Color: Aluminum / Wood
Finish: Painted / Wood
Screw Hole Center: 3-15/16-inch
Latch Style: Hook Style
Material: Mixed Materials
Type: Handle Internal Lock
Related Parts:
15123 - Strike only
15036 - Keyed Cylinder, Wafer Type
15033 - Key Cylinder, Pin Type
wells Old style door uses : Flat back Roller:1-1/4 Wheel #13079 or 1-1/2 dia. roller # 13028
Wells New Style Thermal Break Door uses: Slide In Roller 13067 or 13122 tandum
Installation Note:
1. Verify Screw Spacing
2. DO NOT remove screw on thumb turn
3. Hook goes in first, turn sideways, shaft will fit into hole, turn again to align screw holes
See ADDITIONAL images and click here for a video how-to.