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Hinge, All in one (V-H) Inswing Door Hinge - Brass - Sold Out

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All in one adjustable door hinge with vertical and horizontal adjustment all in one hinge.


Handing: Reversible for Left and Right hand doors.
Color / Finish: Polished Brass & Painted Powder coated finish - Silver
Base Material: Steel
Hinge Size: 3-5/8 x 3-5/8
Hinge Thickness: 9/16 door & 3/32 Frame
Screws: Not Included
Screw Pattern: Please note - not all hinges are the same
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COLUMBUS 3D Hinge Adjustment Instructions:
Use an Allen key 4 mm for all actions.
The adjustment is to be carried out without un-hanging the door.
Open the door by approx. 90° and fix it by wedging.
Loosen the two clamping screws of each hinge.
Adjust the height (+/- 3 mm) and the depth (+/- 2 mm) of the door leaf by moving the sash carefully in the appropriate directions and fasten the clamping screws again.
Adjust the lateral position (+/- 2 mm) by turning the upper and the lower screw of each hinge.

3D Adjustable Hinge is the ideal solution for quality doors. One example iswhen an even fit with an air gap on all sides is required. A few adjustments in height, lateral position and (sealing) pressure are all that is needed;there is no need to take the door off the hinges. The hinges may be used for both right-hand and left-hand application