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Hoppe HLS7 Handleset, Munchen, M112P/2167N, Keyed Active, Oil Rubbed Brass

Part Number: 2744089 Price: $299.20
M112P/2167N Keyed Active, Oil Rubbed Brass

Handle series: Munchen
Backplate style: Contemporary Square (2167N)
Screw hole spacing: 9-1/8 inches
Faceplate height: 10 inches
Faceplate width: 1-1/2 inches
Door thickness: 45mm (1.75 inches)
Material: Solid Brass
Finish: Oil Rubbed Brass

Interior back plate and lever
Exterior back plate and lever (with keyed cylinder and thumb turn
2 keys
Installation hardware

Priced and sold as a set.

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M112P/2167N Keyed Active, Oil Rubbed Brass<br><br>Handle series: Munchen<br>Backplate style: Contemporary Square (2167N)<br>Screw hole spacing: 9-1/8 inches<br>Faceplate height: 10 inches<br>Faceplate width: 1-1/2 inches<br>Door thickness: 45mm (1.75 inches)<br>Non-Handed<br>Material: Solid Brass<br>Finish: Oil Rubbed Brass<br><br>Contents:<br>Interior back plate and lever<br>Exterior back plate and lever (with keyed cylinder and thumb turn<br>2 keys<br>Installation hardware<br><br>Priced and sold as a set.<br><br><b>Related Items&nbsp;</b><br>2744089 -&nbsp;M112P/2167N Keyed Active, Oil Rubbed Brass<br><a href="">2740627</a> - M112P/2167N Keyed Active, Polished Brass<br><a href="">2744151</a>- M112P/2167N Keyed Active, Rustic Umber<br><a href="">2744126</a> -&nbsp;M112P/2167N Keyed Active, Satin Nickel<br>&nbsp;