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Marvin Active Keyed, Ultimate Sliding French Door wide Trim - Satin Chrome

Part Number: 10830336 Price: $595.20

Marvin Traditional Keyed active door with wide escutcheon plates.

Fits Current Style Marvin Sliding French Door & Ultimate Sliding French Doors

This is for the active door, with key and inside thumb turn 

Marvin Handle Set Specifications:

Escutcheon Plate Width: 1-7/8 inch

Escutcheon Plate Length: 12-1/2 Inches

Screw Holes: 2  Top and bottom of plate, Spaced Vertically @ 11-3/16  inch

Top Screw hole to Center of thumb turn: 1-5/8 inch

Handed: No, handles can be switched for left or right hand doors  

Color:  Satin Chrome


If you have the old style trim and are replacing with the new style, there will be marks from the old handle set that will NOT be covered by the new style trim.

New Style Handles have 2 installation screws, The vertical screw holes located at top and bottom of  interior plate.

Old style trim had 3 installation screws, 2 horizontal screws at thumb turn and 1 bottom screw on the interior plate.