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Marvin Active Multi-Point Lock 2-3/8 Backset , Rod Version

Part Number: 10148030 Price: $0.00

This lock has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.  Several Options Available

Marvin Active Vertical Rod Lock Body Only - NO Rods
This is a Concealed Rod version Multi-Point Lock used by Marvin on Active doors.
This lock has a pair of vertical locking rods that screw into the mortise locks body.
This lock is used on Active doors, The passive lock is different.
There is a Spring Latch and a Deadbolt on this multipoint lock.
It is designed to be used with single or double french doors.

Lock Measurements:
Lock Body Length: 6 inches
Lock Body Depth: 3 inches
Handle Height (H.H.): Standard H.H. is 36 inches
Handle Spacing (PZ): 92mm (3-5/8")
Faceplate: Radius / Rounded Corners
Faceplate Length: 8-3/8 inch
Faceplate Width: 3/4 inch
Installation Screws: 7, 1/2 inch


SINGLE DOORS - work best suited for trim carpenter

1. Switch to a single point lock ( lock body slightly larger  # 40160 SPL )

      Will need new strike plate  # 395035 lock faceplate # 40161 

2. Route door edge and install face mount Shootbolt Version MPL  (Truth Sentry, key above ) . Will need new strike plates, 

3. Replace Door(s)


DOUBLE DOORS - work best suited for trim carpenter

1. Switch to a single point system, replace both active and passive locks

     Add Flush bolts to passive door in place of Rod version

     Will need new strike plates, faceplates & Flushbolts

2. Replace Active & Passive locks with Shootbolt Version ( Route face mount on door edge)


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Rehanding a Marvin Integrity Multipoint Lock