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Marvin Adjustable Door Hinge, 1993-1996

Part Number: 363998 Price: $0.00

Marvin Ultimate Inswing French door adjustable hinge has been Discontinued
This is an all in one Hinge with Vertical and Horizontal adjustment
Years in Use: 1993-1996 Old Style - Discontinued

Color / Finish: Original Colors - Sun Gold or Brushed Chrome
Markings on Hinge 903 / 921
Hinge Height: 4 ¼ inches tall
Hinge Width: 3-3/4 inches  when opened
The dimensions are 4 ¼ tall, 1-¼ wide, and 7/16 thick with a further 5/8 ‘well’ to accommodate the bottom part of the hinge.
Hinge Only, no screws

Note: this Adjustable door hinge was used by Marvin in conjunction with the ESSVE Multipoint-Lock during this same time period.

Marvin Replacement Hinge: was replaced with 1997-2011
363711 Left Hand
363712 Right Hand

HOWEVER, these have also been updated with a newer version in 2012 that had a flat back 

363717 - Left Hand

363718 - Right Hand

The newer version replaces are previous hinges