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Marvin In-Active Multi-Point Lock 2-3/8 Backset , Rod Version

Part Number: 10148040 Price: $1,295.10

This lock has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

Marvin Passive / In-Active Vertical Rod Lock body only - NO Rods
This is a Rod version Multi-Point Lock used by Marvin on In-Active doors.
This lock has a pair of vertical locking rods that screw into the mortise locks body.
This lock is primarily used on In-active doors.
There is no Spring Latch or Deadbolt on this multipoint lock.
It is designed to be used with an Active version Multipoint Lock.

Lock Measurements:
Lock Body Length: 6 inches
Lock Body Depth: 3 inches
Handle Height (H.H.): Standard H.H. is 36 inches
Handle Spacing (PZ): 92mm (3-5/8\")
Faceplate: Radius / Rounded Corners
Faceplate Length: 8-3/8 inch
Faceplate Width: 3/4 inch
Installation Screws: 7, 1/2 inch

Locking Rods: 4 available door heights
6 feet 6 inches
6 feet 8 inches
7 feet
8 feet

To choose the correct size of lock, measure the total height of the door you are installing the lock on.
(choose from options below)

36 inches is the most common Handle Height used on doors.
If you desire to have an alternate Handle Height you may need to purchase locking rods that are longer than your door.
You can cut off any excess rod that may be sticking past the edge of the door.
For example; if your door is 7 feet tall and you wish to put your Handle Height at 40 inches, you would need the locking rods for an 8\' tall door and cut off the extra portions of the rods.


Rehanding a Marvin Integrity Multipoint Lock