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Marvin Multi-lock Hardware French / Ultimate Sliding French Door - Choose Finish

Part Number: 10145001-SS Price: $298.20
COLOR: - Stainless Steel - 10145002
This item has been DISCONTINUED. Please see replacement options below.
1. New Door Panel, with Current Lock 
2. Modifications 
   40214 - Sliding Door Lock 3 Hooks, 1-3/4" backset (old lock was 2-3/8") this will leave a 5/8 mark on the door edge from moving the handle to the 1-3/4" backset
   4991663 - Sliding Door 3 Point Strike Bar, W5203-76S1 Radius Ends, .755 offset
   8785695 - Installation Screws, 8mm Head, 1-3/8 Length (35mm) - Stainless Steel

This is a Multi-point lock hardware assembly unit for French Doors and Ultimate Sliding French Doors made by Marvin.
It is designed to be used on the Active / Operative panel.
This lock features 3 locking points, including one safety strike.
To prevent damage, the safety strike will not allow the lock to be engaged unless it is activated.
It uses an American style cylinder to engage the locking strikes.

Multi-point Hardware Assembly Measurements:
Locking Points: 3
Overall Length: 48 inches

Faceplate Width: 7/8 inch

Distance between middle and top locking strikes: 22 inches
Distance between middle and bottom locking strikes: 17-3/4 inch

Rehanding a Marvin Integrity Multipoint Lock