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Mayfair Roller Assembly, 1-1/2 Wheel - Discontinued

Part Number: 13997 Price: $0.00
Mayfair Roller Assembly, Low Profile - Discontinued, No Longer Available
Replace with 13201, 13002 or 13103 (more information on replacement options below)

Mayfair Dimensions:
Housing Width: 5/8
Housing Height: 15/16
Wheel Diameter: 1-1/2 Steel

Replacement Options:
1. Replace roller only with 13201, 1-1/2 steel wheel with axle pins or 13002 (remove the roller from housing)
2. Optional Replacement if housing is damaged: Use 13103 and make your own pin with a screw, instructions below

Replacing Mayfair Roller with 13103:
1. Add screw thru top to replicate the pin
2. Grind screw head so it will fit into slot
3. New roller can be adjusted after installation

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