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P3000 Active Latch and Deadbolt, Flat Strike Plate

Part Number: 3476-82 Price: $21.13
Latch & Deadbolt Strike Plate, Flat P3000 - SS

Door Thickness: 1-3/4"

Note: There are 3 differerent strikes depending on application
3475-82 Active 1-3/4" door, Curved Lip
3476-82 Active 1-3/4" door, Flat
3477-82 Passive 2-1/4" door, Curved Lip

Handleset Trim - Screw hole patterns vary by Brand of hardware

Amesbury Trim: 7.874" or 8.465î
Ashland Trim: 7.25"

Rehanding an AmesburyTruth 3000 Multipoint Lock