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Panaview Patio Sliding door Roller 1-1/2 wheel, N/A - See Notes

Part Number: 13991 Price: $0.00
Andersen Casement Window Hinge
Panaview Sliding door roller with 1-1/2 Steel Wheel - Discontinued - Replacement Available
Front roller assembly was fixed - not adjustable
Rear roller was adjustable, had second hole for adjustment screw

Replace with Patio door roller # 13042
Will need to drill new holes for top mounting screw and frame / Adjustment Screw
Additional 10/32 top mounting screw; 1/4-20 Frame screw needed for each roller
The existing hole for adjustment screw --- becomes the frame screw.
1. Drill hole in bottom rail to secure new roller with 10/32 screw
The end of new roller should be approximate to Old Roller
2. Drill new hole for adjustment screw that matches with new position.
3. Drill new hole for frame screw if needed, may have to enlarge slightly.
4. Install bottom rail on door and then side
5. Secure with 1/4-20 frame screw
6. Be sure the adjustment screw is available
7. Reinstall door, adjust roller

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