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Patio Door Keyed Handle Set, Mortise Lock, Keeper - White

Part Number: 143503 Price: $37.42
Complete Keyed Patio Door Handle Set with Mortise Lock and Keeper For Vinyl door

Latch Position: Adjustable, Center of Handle or Off Center 
Screw hole center 3-15/16"
Mortise Lock: 45 Degree Slot
Keys: 2
Cylinder Keyway: Schlage SC1 5 Pin 
Material: Aluminum
Color: White
Kit Includes: Inside Pull, Outside Handle with Key, Mortise Lock Keeper / Strike and installation screws.
Comes with screws to accommodate door thicknesses of 1-1/2". A maximum 1-3/4 inch door panel may be doable with longer screws.


1. This Schlage key blank has an extended bow and sticks out further than most keys. It is designed this way to clear the ridge on the outside handle.

If you intend to Rekey this cylinder, the head of a typical Schlage SC1 blank will hit the ridge on the outside pull.

2. You will have the same problem if you Change the Cylinder to another keyway, like Kwikset.  PLUS another issue is the Retainer Pin is at 3:00, where most locks are at 11:00, This is also a problem with the mortise lock that comes with the kit. The tail piece rotation is off and the mortise lock will not function properly.