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Patio Screen Door Active Handle Set - Champagne - Choose Handing

Part Number: 9012002-LH Price: $47.09
Discontinued - No longer available

Patio screen door active handle set in champange.
This handle is used on Pella doors manufactured from 1959 to 1990.

Handing: Choose Handing
Length: 6 inches
Color: Champange

1. Insert 1/4 inch square latch spindle into the nylon latch lever and insert into lock.
2. Insert the bronze thumb lock lever into the slot of the locking cam.
3. Attach the inside screen handle using two 1-1/8 x 8 Phillips oval head bronze screws.

Your Pella door should operate freely and easily.
Paraffin may be applied to the inside of the top screen channel if needed.
Tension of the return spring may be increased or decreased by attaching the spring end to the alternate hooks provided in the head channel.
When the screen is properly adjusted, it should close gently and latch when allowed to return from the half open postion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To determine the correct handing for your EXTERIOR PULL please carefully follow these steps.
Step 1: Stand on the OUTSIDE of your door.
Step 2: Determine if the left hand or right hand panel of your door moves.
If the right panel moves then you need a right hand pull.
If the left panel moves then you need a left hand pull.

Priced and sold each.