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Roller Assembly with 1 Inch Nylon Wheel and Adjustment Screw for Sliding Screen Door.
Roller Assembly consists of 1 inch nylon, center groove wheel and adjustable nylon housing.
This Roller is used by Peachtree Prado and Carvel Doors.

Some of the older Peachtee Screen Rollers have a metal clip that fits over the screw hole.
If your old wheel has the clip you may remove it and use it on the new Roller.
The plastic housing may strip out over time.

Click here for more information: Adjusting Peachtree Screen Door Rollers

Housing Length: 1-5/32 Inch
Housing Height: 13/16 Inch
Housing Width: 7/16 Inch
Roller Width: 1/4 Inch
Roller Diameter: 1 Inch
Roller Edge Type: Concave
Roller Material: Nylon

Contents: 2 Roller Assemblies

Priced and Sold in Pairs.