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Roller Only, 1 inch Dia. Steel wheel

Part Number: 13206 Price: $3.18

Universal design 
1 inch steel ball bearing roller
Steel inner race with 1/4 inch hole
Center groove.
Sold Each

Diameter: 1-inch
Material: Steel
Roller Diameter: 1-inch
Roller Edge Type: Concave
Roller Material: Steel
Roller Width: 5/16-inch
Type: Concave
Width: 5/16-inch

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<p>Universal design <br />1 inch steel ball bearing roller<br />Steel inner race with 1/4 inch hole<br />Center groove.<br />Sold Each<br /><br />Diameter: 1-inch<br />Material: Steel<br />Roller Diameter: 1-inch<br />Roller Edge Type: Concave<br />Roller Material: Steel<br />Roller Width: 5/16-inch<br />Type: Concave<br />Width: 5/16-inch<br /><br />Related items:<br />13206 - Steel Wheel<br /><a href="">13227</a> - Nylon Wheel</p>