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ROTO Inside Handle -Right Handed

Part Number: 144002-BEI
COLOR: - Beige
ROTO Interior Handle
Backplate Width: 1-1/4"
Backplate Height: 9-7/8"
Screw Hole Spacing: 4-13/16"
Handed: Yes, Right Handed (OX)

Related Hardware
Outside Handle: 144003-W
Inside Handle LH (XO): 144001-W
Backplate: 144004
Mortise Plate Steel: 144005
Mortise Plate Stainless Steel: 144005-SS
ROTO Interior Handle<br>Backplate Width: 1-1/4"<br>Backplate Height: 9-7/8"<br>Screw Hole Spacing: 4-13/16"<br>Handed: Yes, Right Handed (OX)<br><br>Related Hardware<br>Outside Handle: 144003-W<br>Inside Handle LH (XO): 144001-W<br>Backplate: 144004<br>Mortise Plate Steel: 144005<br>Mortise Plate Stainless Steel: 144005-SS