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Truth 13.14 Awning Window Hinge and Track, Pairs 14" - E-Gard® Steel

Part Number: 13.14-KIT-EG Price: $28.60
Amesbury Truth 13.14 series 2-Bar concealed awning window hinge assembly. Stainless Steel Track and E-Gard steel corrosion resistant hinge arms

Truth Part: 13.14
Track Dimension: 14 inch Length
Sash Weight: 20 pounds Maximum
Sash Height: 14-19 inches

Priced and sold in pairs.
Includes 1 left and 1 right hand Track and Hinge arms, No Screws

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Additional Information:
Truth Hardware awning and casement window hinges are handed and come packed one left and one right per package.
The window hinges have an E-Gard® bottom track with two E-Gard® support arms and a plastic acetal slide shoe. The support arm has a brass snap stud for ease of installation or removal of the window sash.
The Truth Hardware awning window hinges are used by many window manufacturers.
Recommended Screws: Wood #7 x 3/4 inch Phillips flat head sheet metal screws to match track material.
Recommended Screws: PVC #7 x 3/4 inch Phillips flat head, Undercut sheet metal screws to match track material. Actual screw size may vary depending on application and window material.